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Francesca Batistelli Intermotif
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Francesca Batistelli Intermotif

I would say the themes of my album are having to do with, you know, just knowing that God loves you for who you are. Trusting Him, some of the songs, a lot of the songs, that I write tend to be about just walking out in faith and saying, ďAll right God, I donít know whatís going to happen next, but I trust you and I know that, you know, you have great plans for me.Ē And Free To Be Me is the current single and I think thatís the song that kind of defines the whole record as far as Iím concerned because itís one of the most personal songs for me and it came from place that was very real, of just saying, ďYou know what? No matter what God, even though I make mistakes and I donít do everything right, I know you love me and I know you have great plans for my life.Ē

For me, every time I hear a story from a fan after a show, like, ďYour song has helped me get through a very difficult time,Ē or, ďI heard your song right before this big something that came onto my life and it just helped me,Ē Those are the things that remind me why Iím doing it, and makes everything else kind of fall to the wayside. Not that itís not great and not exciting to get accolades or whatever you would call them, but, itís the eternal things that really make a difference and really count.

I think God has just really been challenging me to really take advantage of and make the most of the little moments. The message I would really want to convey to younger people is that you have one chance at this life. This isnít a dress rehearsal, this isnít a rough draft, however you want to say it. Thereís no real second chances. And especially right now, when youíre young, youíve got your whole life ahead of you. Donít be afraid to take risks for Godís kingdom and to do the things that Heís called you to do.

And if theyíre scary, even if you canít see them working out, know that if He puts a dream and a call on your heart, Heís going to give you what you need to see it through. And so, Iíll probably say that and just God loves you so much and He thinks youíre awesome, and you can never hear that too much.

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