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Daniel Kirkley Intermotif
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Daniel Kirkley Intermotif

For me, personally what Godís been teaching or showing has really just I guess just been the process of refinement. The beginning of this past year I had felt like personally, professionally, even spiritually to an extent I had allowed myself to get very comfortable. Just comfortable with my surroundings, comfortable with just everything like what I did for a living, my relationships with people, and through that comfort, through that just kind of being okay I had allowed myself to reach this place of complacency. And so the beginning of this past year I really started praying for God to strip away every area of comfort in my life and to bring me to a place that would promote a really intense growth. The process of these past few months has just been Him being very direct in those areas in showing the specific areas that Iíve allowed complacency to creep in. So I guess if I could say anything Godís teaching me itís how not to be comfortable in my walk and how to move beyond what I think is quote- unquote safe and really be willing to be honest with people, vulnerable with people whether itís from a stage or whether itís over coffee with a friend. I think thereís just so much to be said about when we share our journey, and not just the journey we think people expect to hear or even want to hear from us but just the truth. Because I think thereís a vulnerability in that honesty that draws people in better than painting this picture of having our lives together.

We are meant to live in community. I think so often we fool ourselves into believing that weíre meant to be self-sufficient. But the Christian walk itself is all about dependency. Itís all about dependency on a Savior. And He puts us in a community, whether thatís a church, whether thatís just your close-knit group of friends, for a reason. And thatís so you can pour into their lives and they can pour into your life and you can kind of grow together. And I really think that is sort of the picture of the church body is moving along together.

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