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Hillsong Intermotif

Iím the worship pastor at our church and, you know, Benís real involved in team worship leading, and for us itís always been whatís going to help people, whatís-whatís going to help people really connect with God. And it really needs to come back to that, even with the approach with writing, whatís going to help people sing, you know. Because itís one thing to write a good song, itís another thing to write a song that people can sing that really helps people connect with God.

Jesus is building His church. And I believe that weíre, as artists, as writers, called to reflect in some way what Heís doing and respond to what Godís doing.

God wants to engage with these people and God wants to meet with these people and then, you know, in church, on the weekend, itís people that are coming in wanting to meet with God. So I guess, our role is to help put those two things together and then get out of the way in a sense, you know. So thereís a definitely a responsibility on worship leaders and on worship teams, but at the same time I think it doesnít need to be anything forced. I think thereís something very natural about God wanting to meet with people, people that want to meet with God and that happening, you know.

We might only have twenty minutes in the service to bring a few songs, but we believe that in that twenty minutes people encounter and find God for real. And people do. Itís incredible.

He says if weíll draw near to Him, Heíll draw near to us, and when we gather together and agree that Heís there, you know thatís the promise of God. And I think we can have confidence in that as well.

The ultimate goal is that people would encounter God. And I think as musical people and as creative people that we obviously kind of have an interest in that, developing it and the sound evolving, but it definitely just comes back to that point

For me, itís a real prayer that weíd always be able to keep it fresh and keep it in a way that really helps people connect.

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