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Tenth Avenue North
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Tenth Avenue North

We all met in West Palm Beach at a college called Palm Beach Atlantic University. And we ended up working at a church together as well in West Palm. And so we did music for, gosh, probably like six or seven years down there? And then we ended up doing music full time for a couple of years before we got signed, so we were a worship band for a long time and playing a lot of camps and talking to a lot of people and basically I got really frustrated one day with people and with myself because I'd hear this statement all the time: “I would know that God loves me if (fill in the blank) if He got me a parking space at the grocery store, if He got my parents back together, if He gave me that job, if I get straight A’s” or, you know, we put these conditions on God’s love that if He does this, then we’ll know. And I think it’s okay to want to know God loves you, I think that’s built into us, but to ask God to prove something He’s already proven is sort of a dangerous game because Romans 5:8 says “God proves his love towards you in this that while you’re still a sinner Christ died for you.”

And so the idea is, “Hey, stop looking, you already have the love that you’re looking for. Uh look to the cross. That’s how you know.” I do feel like our calling, each one of us as Christians, is to make disciples. And so that’s going to lead us in interesting avenues. I think a goal for us, too, is to be able to do what we’re doing ministry-wise with our families involved. I talk to so many artists that have a difficult time bringing their kids and their family along. And there are a lot of ins and outs with that, but I think there’s a desire for us all to be able to continue to travel with wives and family. Jeremy Camp really encouraged me in that because he had his wife and his kids with him most of this last tour. And it was just so great. And Nathan from Mercy Me- there was a week where his son came out on the road and every day you’d see him there on their razor scooters all around and just hanging out. And he said his son asked him, “Dad, Let’s talk.…let’s talk.” He likes going to Starbucks and he gets a chocolate milk and Nathan gets a coffee and he’s like, “Dad, when was-how-when was God born?” or “How was God never born?” Something like that, which is awesome. So I agree.

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