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Joy Whitlock
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Joy Whitlock

Faith Donít Fail is kind of about my past. I have a sordid past, for lack of a better word. I was raised in a ministerís home ever since I was a baby my dad was a pastor. I said the prayer when I was five and I think I walked down the aisle when I was 12, but I know that those werenít legitimate experiences.

I just didnít really feel any need for God. I had heard the gospel every Sunday, Sunday night, Wednesday nights. I knew the gospel, I knew the Bible, it just didnít apply to me, or it wasnít necessary, or I just really had no regard for God whatsoever. I knew He was real. I never disputed that, but it just wasnít my thing. I didnít have a taste for God. And I lived my life that way for the first 24 years.

Typically when you think of the word rebellion, thatís what I did, drugs and promiscuity and anything that would satisfy me, even if it was for five minutes. And I still deal with a lot of things that Iíve done. Even though weíve been forgiven some of the memories donít go away. I mean some of them are still quite vivid of some of the things that I did in my past that Iím ashamed of, and so Faith Donít Fail is kind of about just those memories and even the simple knowledge that I had done certain things was hard for me to accept

I think it just goes back to believing what God says, and thatís the hardest part, is believing what God says in His Word because He makes some outrageous claims. And, you know, a lot of the things that He gives us, we have to suffer nothing to receive those things, and we donít deserve any of them.

So I think itís basically about just having faith and saying, ďI donít feel forgiven, but God says that I amĒ. So Faith Donít Fail is just having the faith to know that you are not that person anymore. Itís not like youíre just changed, youíre a completely different person. The person that I was before Christ and the person that I am now are two completely different people. I look the same, but inside is completely different. And itís just about having the faith to actually believe what God says.

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