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Stellar Kart Joins UK’s Krtko To Promote Activate Product Line
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Stellar Kart Joins UK’s Krtko To Promote Activate Product Line
07 August 2006

Word Records’ acclaimed punk-pop rock band Stellar Kart recently joined forces with UK-based company, Krtko Enterprises, to endorse its Activate product line of revitalizing sprays.

In response to Stellar Kart’s current and chart-climbing single, “Activate,” which supports the band’s recent and highly anticipated sophomore release, We Can’t Stand Sitting Down, Krtko instantly saw a downpour of marketing potential for its products within the U.S.

“After hearing Stellar Kart’s song “Activate,” we realized the amazing coincidence that we have a product of the same name,” states Dr. Frederick Dampen, developer of Activate and president of Krtko Enterprises. “Our product has much the same focus as the band, so it was a perfect match, and we hope to work together for a long time.”

“When we wrote the song “Activate,” we had no idea that a product like this even existed,” explains Stellar Kart vocalist Adam Agee. “After we tried the product we realized their ‘from drab to fab’ claim was legitimate. We never dreamed that something as simple as this spray could make such a difference. Retail stores will be flooded with customers.”

Stellar Kart’s drummer, Jordan Messer, can barely contain his excitement. “After using Activate for a few days, I realized just how good it was for my skin. Dampen’s formula of hydrogen and oxygen work together in an incredible mist of moisturization.”

Agee continues, “Really Activate’s uses are amazing. Even my wife’s plants seem to grow better since we’ve been spraying it around our home. We’ve even been thinking about buying a tankload to fill a large hole in our backyard just so we can swim in it.”

To begin U.S. promotions, Krtko’s first action was to fund the band’s “Activate” music video. Currently available for viewing at www.krtko.com, along with a product commercial featuring Agee, Stellar Kart’s “Activate” will additionally premiere on the world’s number one faith based music network, JCTV this upcoming Saturday.

For more information on Stellar Kart, visit www.stellarkart.com.

About Activate

Go from Drab to Fab and Activate today! Everybody wants a part of Activate's revitalizing goodness, and you will too! Within seconds of your first spray, the cool, rejuvenating mist will have you begging for more! Activate is one of the best products around, a light spray to face or body with Activate refreshes, soothes and invigorates on contact - combating the effects of dehydration, dry skin and general lack of moisture.


At KRTKO, we strive to help people overcome the mundane. Over 50-zillion people worldwide suffer from boredom! That's why we are here to answer all your questions and provide you with top-notch products that are sure to help! KRTKO is an earth-based company who has been in business for some time, and we pride ourselves on making and creating stuff to help people like you!

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