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The Crabb Family Band Bio
  • Jason Crabb
  • Kelly Bowling
  • Adam Crabb
  • Aaron Crabb
  • Terah Penhollow
  • Blur the Lines
  • LIVE at Brooklyn
  • Crabb Fest04
  • Driven
  • The Early Years
  • Crabbfest 03
  • The Walk
  • Merry Christmas
  • Crabb Collection
  • Living the Dream
  • The Locket
  • Pray
  • Crabbgrass

Live at Brooklyn


Growing Up Getto

Gerald Crabb spent half his childhood on the streets of Louisville in the ghetto and the other half in Horse Branch, Ky. (population 300). He lived in poverty with an alcoholic father. Gerald changed schools eight to 10 times in six years, not counting all the moves that he was never enrolled in school. “Every time we would get three to four months behind on the rent, we would move back to Horse Branch and stay with my grandma,” says Gerald. When his parents divorced, he and his four sisters watched their already dysfunctional family become more dysfunctional. Gerald dropped out of school in 8th grade, yet he had a surprising ability to “coin a phrase” and sing a melody. Even so, poverty and hopelessness seemed Gerald’s fate.

Gerald married at age 18, and by the age of 24, he was divorced with four school-age children. No money, no skills, and a bleak future, Gerald followed in his father’s footsteps and turned to alcohol. In the midst of his serious alcohol problem, Gerald met Kathy, who was a divorced mother of two, and she began to redirect his goals. She began to tell him how God had blessed him with an abundance of talent. One year later they married. Gerald got radically saved and God delivered him from alcohol.

All six kids (three boys and three girls) began to sing their dad’s music and doors began to open. Five of the children sing; Krystal runs the family office.

Dreams Come True

From a storefront church to living in a church because that was all they could afford, to an annual concert audience of 800,000, the award-winning Crabb Family has broken through musical genre barriers to reach people from all walks of life with the message of the Gospel. Their lives are a living testimony of how God can take desperate circumstances and use them for His glory. Since stepping out into a full-time ministry nearly 10 years ago, a divine calling from God to reach the lost and mountain-moving faith have been the keys to their family’s success.

Gerald and Kathy retired from the road two years ago, but their children continue to minister all over the country. They have a heart and passion for carrying the Gospel to the world through their music and testimony. “It’s unbelievable to work with kids with so much passion and commitment that shows through in their songs and their daily life,” says Gerald. The couple is very involved in their children’s ministry, and Gerald continues to write some of the most powerful songs ever recorded. Kathy uses her insight and business skills to keep the ministry stable and innovative. “The sky is the limit when we allow Christ to be the center of our lives,” says Gerald.

Even with their swift success and doors that persistently open, the Crabb Family maintains their devotion to the calling and purpose on which their ministry was founded. They are not hindered by opinion or manmade limitations, but are eager to face any trial that comes their way. God has honored their obedience and willingness with open doors beyond belief. “A tough life makes for a great song; a tough life that became blessed as a result of faith in Jesus Christ… makes for many songs of hope and encouragement. This is Gerald Crabb and the Crabb Family.”

Singing on The 700 Club are Adam, Aaron, Jason, Kelly Bowling, and Terah Penhollow.

The Crabb Family is nominated for a Grammy Award. The award show will broadcast live from L.A. on Sunday, February 13, 2005.

Source: The 700 Club

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