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Andy Hunter

Hi, my name is Andy Hunter and I'm a DJ and Producer. For me, DJing is about a journey of music. Itís an expressive thing. Me, I just love to mix music for two hours and in that time, just be on a journey with God. For me, I guess my ultimate goal in that is to end up in the presence of God and just be in the throne room. I guess for me, preparation is key. Before I come and spin, and before I come before God, I want to be pure before God. You know, I take a lot of my inspiration from people in the Bible. There was Moses, who was just amazing, and was hungry for God and he had the most amazing experiences with God. I mean, this guy saw the glory of God. He had such an intimate relationship with God, but Moses prepared himself before those times of meeting. I love being in that place of feeling God, and feeling Iím so close to God, and nothing else matters. For me, that is so important in my life, to have that. I think sometimes we can put God in a box. God is so creative that He just breaks out of the boxes. For me, as a musician, as a producer, as a creative guy, I think I have just found real acceptance. I donít have to conform to taste or to style, or religion even, but itsí about a relationship with God.

Ever since I can remember, I have had dreams. From the early stages of just picking up a guitar and just getting that love for music- it is just amazing to see those dreams come true, and I think a lot of that is owed to God and my relationship with God and those dreams that God has really fulfilled.

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