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Hi Iím Dolly, and this is My World.

About a year and a half ago, I was living in London, working in film and I had just split up with a guy that I thought I was going to marry, my parents had just separated, all my friends that were in London were leaving. I was feeling totally alone and isolated. And then I discovered cocaine, which was brilliant. It meant that I could get through my days and weekends, it gave me energy, it made me fun, it made me this capable, excited young woman. I started to get into it slowly, sort of once a week, just socially, then it became once every three days, then it became once ever other day basically.

It then became so bad that every weekend I was binjing, doing serious amounts. And one weekend in particular, the weekend that changed my life, Iíd done the most ridiculous amount of coke, I canít even remember how much. I went to bed, as I was in bed suddenly the weirdest thing happened to me. My whole body went really hot, not like physically sweating it just went really warm from the inside out. I just felt as if someone was brushing all over me with love. I then heard this voice in my heart saying, ĎDolly Iím Jesus, stop what youíre doing and follow meí. Iíd never experienced anything like this. At that point I thought, ĎOh my goodness, my cokeís been cut with something, Iím tripping outí. But that didnít make sense because I felt really in control, I didnít feel like I was freaking outÖI just felt great.

But it lasted for about 3 hours, this voice, and this feeling of heat all over my body. And I was just focused on this one thing. So I then decided to go home and just try and digest what was going home. I went to bed and I slept for two days. And when I woke up two days later I felt amazing physically. I didnít have a come down, I didnít feel depressed, my whole body was just alive and well like it hadnít been for months. And I got this urge to go and get a Bible.

Now my brother, heís a Christian So I went to his house to get one of his bibles. I sort of nicked off the shelf, I didnít want him knowing what was going on. And as I started to read it over the next month or so it was real, it was real. And I just thought if what Jesus says is true, this is too much of a gamble to ignore. If there was life after death, what am I doing? I said a prayer, I said, ĎJesus if youíre there, if you are real, go for it you can use me, you can do what you want with meí. And since then my life has come alive, I havenít touched drugs since. My relationship with my family has improved. You have to try it to believe itÖitís quite something.

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