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Hey Iím Pappy, and this is my World.

I am the oldest son born in the Royal Family of Rwizibuka in the DRC. I grew up in Catholicism. This inspired me to become a priest and motivated me to join the Catholic Seminary.

When violence erupted in my country in 1998, our lives were disrupted, everything changed, towns were looted, villages set ablaze, and many people died. As a young able bodied person, I became a prime target for recruitment for the armies at war. My uncle who had been a member of the secret group called Mai Mai, advised me to join them in the fight against the rebels. My father decided that I should flee the country, because the rebels also wanted me to fight on their frontlines.

To make my escape possible, my father gave me 200 dollars, he hugged me and sent me into the unknown.

During my traveling, Godís hand was always on me, protecting me and guiding me. During this time, I never really knew what it was meant to be really saved. I knew I was saved from the rebels and from the war, but I was never saved from my own sin.

God lead me to a foreign land to show me that he wanted a relationship with me. I met two students from Youth With A Mission who began counseling me and leading me to Christ. Through their lives I began longing and desiring to know this God, who had the power to forgive my sins. I started a discipleship training school, where for the first time I met the Lord Jesus Christ. I experienced Him as my Lord and Savior, and I got baptized that same year.

I have never been the same since that day!

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Country:South Africa
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