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Hi, I am Bianca and this is My World.

My mom grew up in a very strict German family that laid no importance in God. So I grew up having no concept of God, and that He was interested in my life. My parents taught me and my brother good morals, but I never knew who God really is.

When I was 12 years old my parents got divorced. Everything changed. My whole world turned upside down. My mom and her boyfriend decided to leave South Africa and move to Austria. At the age of 13 I had to leave my dad, family, and friends. I felt very lonely. I went to an Austrian school where no one understood me. It was not only the language there were a lot of cultural differences. I just wanted to go home. Since I felt so alone I started looking for love in the wrong places. I tried to fill my emptiness with wrong friends, guys, smoking and drinking. But at the end of the day I still felt empty. Life had become dull and grey. I yearned for something or someone to take away my loneliness. The more I looked for that someone or something, the more I realized that there was so much that did not satisfy me.

At the same time my mom was searching too. She had found a church where she felt comfortable. Sometimes she would take me there, but I went out of obedience not because I wanted to.

We eventually found Vienna Christian Center. Here, things were different from my understanding of a church. Here I saw people with so much love for one another and towards God. These people didnít have perfect lives, yet they seemed to have real joy. It took me a while to realize that only God could fill this emptiness.

Iím not perfect but God continues to work in my life. I know that I am never alone. He is always there, right by my side. The emptiness and loneliness have turned into joy and satisfaction. Jesus has fulfilled me, and fulfills me everyday. When I see what Jesus has done for me, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I want you to know that you can experience this too. And all I want is to live for Him.

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