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My name is Judith Cera and this is My World.

I was born in a normal family; I got educated with good principles. My family was close. I can say that my childhood was happy. When I was growing up people around me thought I was the best role model because I was the girl always joyful, always calm, happy, with many friends, but nobody really knew what was happening in my heart, not even my parents and what I had was a great sorrow, had a low self-esteem, a self-esteem right on the floor, follow by rivalry that arose against my sister because my parents were always outstanding who was smarter, who was the most beautiful, who was more obedient. They created a competition between us and that made me grow very insecure of myself and not being really aware of what was important or real or what it really was significant.

Although I had many boyfriends in very stable, long relationships. There was always emptiness, and there was always loneliness in my heart, I never felt truly loved, I suffered many times, sometimes by infidelity and also because I had a boyfriend who didnīt want to have a commitment, he didnīt wanted to have something formal, only an open relationship, but as long as I didnīt lose him, I continued with him until the day I got pregnant.

It was a very hard time because when I told him, the first thing he said was: the only solution is to have an abortion and unfortunately I took the worst decision of my life, I aborted my baby.

I just thought that the best option was to kill myself, and I definitely opened the door to death, that was very sad.

One day I spoke with a person, a woman who introduced me to Jesus, and she show me a God that appreciated me, that didnīt set any conditions, and I learn I could be loved, that I could be accepted just as I am. He taught me that I could leave the masks and no longer pretend that I was happy or either please anyone, also no longer had to remain lying in front of others, but just being myself, and really accepted like I am, and I get to know that I really worth the blood that Jesus shed for me on the cross. That was the best, that was the best news I could ever received, because He began to cure my heart, began to heal my life, He restore me in all areas and fill me up with blessings.

I met someone with who I get to know the true love, that love between a man and a woman, a sincere love, a love full of God. A person with whom I got married, and later God gave me two children, He just restored me, He knew that this was the wish of my heart. Knowing that I already had lost the first baby, there was really happiness in my heart because Jesus was with me, because He lifted me up, because He accepted me and forgave me because without Him I canīt do anything. He loved me as I am, and today I can say that He is my all.

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