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Jacob Clemons

What's up, my name is Jacob Clemons. This is for all you guys out there who think that life with God might be a little bit gimp, a little lame. Iím here to open up your eyes a little bit. Step into my world and let me show you what God has done for me. There we go. Music has been one of my biggest outlets. Over the past twelve years Iíve been playing on stages all over the country. My music has been heard all around the world. Itís allowed me to interact with bands like P.O.D., Dave Matthews Band, and Will Smith. Another exciting thing is I really enjoy surfing. Iíve been surfing since I was about five years old on some of the nicest beaches and whatís really awesome is I get to be involved with an organization called Christian Surfers. Now this is where we get to bring God to the beach, and thatís pretty cool. Now dude, check this out. The sweetness factor is I get to bring all this stuff together in this zipe program called One Cubed USA. I get to introduce the country on a personal level with world class athletes, actors, and musicians, while rocking out to some hot, hot videos. Now none of this would be possible without my one source of hope, excitement, and passion- God.

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Name:Jacob Clemons
Music:David Bowie
Food:Japanese Food
Movies:Better Off Dead
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