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Carlos Choi

Iím Carlos and this is my world. I grew up in Hong Kong. My Dad was a great musician and I looked up to his musical abilities a lot. Unfortunately, he also had a drug problem and his addictions ended up splitting my family apart. He left when I was ten years old. I tried to fill the gap left by my Dad, but I started to look in the wrong places. I became part of a Hong Kong Triad, getting involved with drugs. Eventually I became a heroin addict myself and as a result, an outcast from the gangs. I ended up hitting rock bottom. One day a guy came to me and offered to help me break free from my addictions. He brought me to St. Stevenís Society, a Christian community where I saw my former gang members worshipping God. Seeing this really moved me and made me realize that there was hope. I tried recovery, but I couldnít break my habit on my own, so I left my family and my church. I went back to drugs, but I was arrested right away for drug trafficking. I was facing six years in prison. I ended up leaving in six months because of good behavior. I realized that it was Godís grace that got me out and I decided to really change my life. So I went back to church and my family and worked on putting my addictions behind me. I began to play the guitar again and the influence that my Dadís music had on me has helped me minister healing and restoration to kids and their families. Godís grace and forgiveness has helped me get through my addictions and back onto the right path. And I want people to know that itís possible for them too.
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