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Natasha Kravchenko

Hi, my name is Natasha. My parents were alcoholics. When I was five, I watched my father kill my mother. He was put in prison and my younger brother and I were sent to an orphanage. So, we grew up there without having parents. I would often dream about a normal father, about someone who would love me and care for me. I wanted to have someone in this world that would hug me and say that he loved me. It hurt me to think that my dream would never come true, that my father was a criminal and that I was an orphan who would never have a normal attentive father. When I was in the tenth grade, some believers came to our orphanage. They brought us presents and told us about God. Soon, one of these Christian families started inviting me to their home. They showed Godís love for me through their good deeds. I learned from them that God is my father who loves me and is always next to me. I know how bad it was to be an orphan. Thatís why I wanted to become the daughter of the most caring Father on the earth. I repented of my sins and asked God to take care of me. It has been seven years since my brother and I found the Lord. He gives us everything we need and cares for us. Several months ago God gave me a wonderful husband, so now I have my own family. Today I am very happy and cannot keep my happiness to myself. So, I tell children about God and hope they wonít choose to be satisfied as orphans but will trust their lives to the Lord, because I know itís difficult to be happy without Him.

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Name:Natasha Kravchenko
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