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Hi, my name is Achor. My only memories of childhood are of my mom and dad quarrelling. They started living separately when I was 6, and I was torn between the both of them. My brother and sisters and I had to shuttle between both homes. Now that wasn’t cool. I guess that hardened me and I became rebellious. I got into drugs because I wanted to be like the bigger boys around me. I smoked cannabis, frequented night clubs and had sex with prostitutes. I read lots of mystical books because deep down in my heart I sought for the truth and I really wanted to be free. At this point I was far detached from every member of my family. I was scared. I thought I was losing my mind. Then, one day I walked into a church, just because I wanted to compare the teaching of the pastor to my mystical books. The music was great. A woman came up, she was a pastor’s wife, and I remember saying, “What has this woman got to offer?” At that instant she said, “There is someone in this place that despises God’s presence greatly. I knew she was talking about me. Immediately after that service, I lost the desire to smoke. I made a commitment to Christ to look to Him. My life turned around. I stopped reading mystical books. God also healed me from Tuberculosis. I discovered God’s purpose for my life. Now I live a new life, reaching out to young people through my church youth ministry. I told them that if God could save me, he could do so much more for them.

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