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I am Benjo Marquez, and welcome to my world. When I was growing up I tried hard to be part of the "in crowd” and this led me to get into drugs and to drop-out of school. For years I felt lost, helpless and insecure.

A friend of mine invited me to bible study and I felt the unconditional love of Jesus, for the first time, but I didn’t turn my life around completely. I was so set in my olds ways. I really wanted to clean up but it was hard because I was always around people who did drugs in my line of work. One day I decided to make a covenant with God. I promised Him that I would not DJ temporarily because I end up doing drugs every time I was out. But I broke that covenant one night. I accepted a gig, ended up doing drugs and got beaten up for a false accusation. That was a turning point for me. I realized that there is good and evil in this world, and that without God's protection, I would be as good as dead.

It was tough to give up all of my addictions, but by the grace of God, I have been clean for more than 2 years. But as soon as I got over the drugs, I had a bigger problem to face. Last May 2006, I got diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. When I first found out about my sickness I was very distraught… I mean…cancer kills people. The fight was a fight of faith and I needed to believe. I needed to trust what God did on the cross 2000 years ago and to know that it was enough to heal me. True enough, after 4 cycles of chemotherapy and 17 treatments of radiation I am now completely healed of cancer.

I am currently playing again as a professional DJ and thanking God through my music. If it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be here today. Even when I am out playing in the bars and clubs, I am confident that through God's grace, and with my music, I can be a salt and light in those very dark places. I now know what it’s like to experience the beauty, peace, forgiveness and love of God, and I want everyone I meet to experience that as well.

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