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Iím Sreymech and this is My World.

Before I found Christ, my life was nothing and lonely. I had a family like others, but it seemed like I was living alone in the world. I never felt warmth from my parents. They left me with my aunt when I was little to work and every once and awhile they would come visit me. I felt abandoned and never saw real love from them. One day, my parents broke up and it felt like the whole world was crashing down on me. It broke my heart and I didnít understand why this was happened to me. I didnít know what to do and yet I had to decided whether I wanted to live with my mom or dad when I still wanted to live with them both. My life became so messed up. I felt hopeless and full of anger. After awhile, my mom decided to send me to live with my aunt again, which made me even sadder. But under her good care and love, my life got better until I had to face an even bigger issue that no one ever wants to faceÖ my mom died.

I had lost everything in this life. My dad was far away and my mom died. Loneliness and Hopelessness came into my life again. I thought nothing could ever restore what I had lost and that hurt a lot. Eventually, something unbelievable happened.

I was invited to church for a youth group party. I noticed something about people there. They were nice and friendly. I saw the real joy they had which was what I was looking for. Later, I decided to study the Bible and I began to see the love of God and the real hope that I had been searching for.

When I started to follow Jesus, my life changed. I really enjoy this new life that God has given me. Now I serve in the worship team as a dancer and help out with the Youth Group. I even have the incredible opportunity to work as a host for One Cubed Programming.

This is my chance to stand up and tell young people about the love of God, his hope and joy that they need to receive. God has restored everything that I lost and I know that Iím not an orphan anymore because God is my Father. I even have brothers and sisters at church who always help and encourage me and love me all the time. I really thank God and I love him.

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