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Hey, Iím Morgan and this is my world.

I grew up in a pretty messed up home. My dad was and is an alcoholic and I used to watch him beat my mom growing up. I didnít know what a typical family was supposed to be like- if that even exists. Early on, during childhood, I turned to drugs, alcohol and sex, trying to find some kind of love, some kind of acceptance because I couldnít find it anywhere else. My life was chaos, it was a disaster. When I felt like there was nothing else to do, there was nowhere else to turn, I tried to kill myself, thinking that would be the answer to all my problems- I wouldnít have to worry about anything anymore. When my brother walked in on me- seeing me like that- it destroyed my whole family. My mom realized that something had to be done, she had to find someone who could get my attention. So she brought me to church, and there was this one woman speaking- my youth pastors wife. And she was talking about premarital sex and all the experiences that she went through when she was younger and it sounded exactly like the life I was going through at the time and I didnít know that was possible. I didnít know there was anyone else like me. She showed me that no matter what mistakes I made, no matter what I did- I could be forgiven. I could start over. So I grabbed onto that hope and I let go of all my addictions, and I gave my life to God. And my whole life has changed because of him. I now know what a woman is supposed to be treated like. I know how to respect myself now. And I just thank God for that. My goal now is to just help others to not make the same mistakes that I did, but even if you do, no matter what you do- you can be forgiven. And I thank God for showing me that. And I love Him.


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