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I have a problem with anger
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I have a problem with anger


Iím 17 years old and have a big problem with anger. Iíve been this way for as long as I can remember. I became a Christian, but that didnít seem to help either. I try to calm myself down while Iím angry, but I canít get hold of it. Do you have any ideas that might help me? Ė Jessica

Jessica, there are several things. The first is that the Bible says, "I am crucified with Christ and nevertheless I live." What is crucified is the old man, the flesh. The flesh wars against the spirit. The flesh is the old man, the nature, that wants to fight back. And is resentment and mean and hateful. That has to die. And the Bible says reckon yourselves dead. So when you start off, each day, you say today, the old me is dead. And the new me is alive in Jesus Christ and I ask the Lord's Spirit to come into my spirit and give me life. And you do it every day.


The apostle Paul said I die daily. Thatís how it works -- every day. That anger, that justification, that self righteousness, and all of that nonsense that goes along. You want to think about it as an old rotted corpse. And that corpse is grabbing hold of you and holding on. You want to push that old corpse into the grave, symbolically, get a shovel and pour the dirt and tap it down. And say in Jesus name it is gone and I am a new creature in Christ.

It may be that youíve never been baptized. I just believe as a believer if you accepted Jesus, there is something about baptism that talks about the old man being buried in baptism and raised in newness of life. And that might be a ritual that you need to go through to set you free from this.

Beyond that, count to 10 before you blow up, and number two ask Jesus whatever is done, say, "Jesus, if you didn't mind what was done to you, then I don't mind what is done to me. I let you go to the door and take the heat for me." And He will do it.

And Jessica, we want to encourage you. Because a lot of times as Christians we think we have to be perfect right off the bat, and we are not. Itís a process. The more you start to learn who the Lord is and He resides in your heart, the more like Him you become.


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