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B. Reith Intermotif
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B. Reith Intermotif

I think itís knowing who my strength comes from. Because I think for me, character is more about being honest and vulnerable and transparent and being like, ďOkay, I need help God. I am before you. I canít do this on my own. Iím not a good person in my own nature,Ē but also having a strong conviction and having other people around me that will challenge me that I canít just go out on my own island and just be like, ďWell, Iím going to do this Ďcause thatís what I feel like.Ē Thereís people around me, godly people that can keep me in line.

So surrendering to God -- itís basically saying no to who Iím not, and saying yes to who I am in Christ. I used to think it was Iím saying no to who I am and saying yes to Jesus, but Iím really saying no to who Iím not, to the old man, and saying yes to who I am in Christ. Itís a little easier to think of it that way.

Itís overwhelming when we try to fix everything at once, ďOkay, God Iím gonna do it now. Iíve screwed up. Okay, this is a new start right now.Ē Boom. Which is great. We always have a new start with Christ. But itís bringing everything to God as we are.

Itís saying, ďGod, Iím struggling with this and I canít stop.Ē You know, ďI struggle with low self esteem,Ē or, ďGod, Iím completely lonely and I am wounded and I cannot stop, could you help me?Ē Or even, ďGod, could you help me want to change? Because I donít even want to change.Ē

I think be honest with the Lord and putting ourselves in relationships where we are accountable as well, so that itís not just me and God, but itís somebody along side of me, you know, that I can continue to ask for help and prayer. And to know that you can get over it through Christ. I know it sounds crazy, but you can.

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