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A lot of Christians, a lot of churches they are just, they sort of put on the mask and pretend like everything is okay and, you know, Iíve got God in my life, so I have no struggles and that, you know, things are going great. But thatís just not realistic.
More than anything when we get on stage, we donít, we donít really care if people think weíre the best musicians or, you know, put on the best show in the world. What we want them to see is us being real and being vulnerable in front of them, and telling them about our struggles and what weíre dealing with.
We get that a lot when our show is over, people are like, you know, we just really appreciate how real you are. I just hope to see more people, more kids being real and just talking with each other about, you know, their struggles and, you know, how, you know, maybe they donít understand what Godís doing, and they are not afraid to say, ďYou know, I donít get this, God. Iíll trust you for it, but I donít get it.Ē And, you know, just telling their friends, you know, what theyíre feeling. So I really enjoy that part of our band.

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