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Warren Barfield - Watch His Interview
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Warren Barfield - Watch His Interview

Since I was 18 years old, I have done music full time. I put a guitar and a suitcase in the trunk of my little car and just started traveling around the country. And there have been a lot of times when I wanted to give up on it, you know, and get a real job and have a real, I guess a real life, you know, settled down life instead of spending uh most of my year on the road.

I just keep remembering back to my father and how, you know, he was committed to that. He believed thatís what God had called him to do and if you believe in something that strongly, you give it your all, and thatís what I do, I gave it my all.

These songs show that, man, deep down inside of me, I just want to please God with my life. If Iím 80 years old, and I have everything this world has to offer me, but Iíve sold out my soul, then I have nothing. I have just a pile of junk that will pile up on my grave. But if I give it all to Christ, if I surrender it all to Him and Iím, and Iím 80 years old, sitting in a rest home with my guitar, singing to whoever will listen, you know, about the fact that Christ has changed my life, then I think thatís what success is.

ďIíve seen hundreds and hundreds of people come to the Lord through my music.Ē You know, which is an amazing thing, you know, and I thought, how could I ever regret that. You know, how could I ever say I made the wrong decision. You know, I did Ė I really believe I did what I felt like God wanted me to do, and Heís blessed it. I want to be committed to him more than anything else, and I want to be a feeble old man that gave it all to him.

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