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Across the Sky
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Across the Sky

Biggest thing for me where is God have us tonight. You know, whether it�s in front of 20 people or a bunch more than that. �God � what � why would you have me and Justin together here for right now?� I � it�s hard to explain other than you know that, �Okay, we�re just following in your footsteps, God. Wherever you want to lead us, that�s where we�ll go.� Today it here, tomorrow I don�t know where it�ll be, but �And you just really have to guard each day and uh, and uh guard our walk with the Lord that we�re really, uh, pressing into what He wants to-to teach us, because if you�re, if you�re not doing that it-it�s a lot harder to handle the responsibility of being in front of people and saying, �This is the way it should be.�

It seems sometimes that we-we�re being praised for something that doesn�t even belong to us. And it�s-it�s a big reality check on, uh, on our humility. And uh, it�s-it�s � we�ll � and we end up coming to like a breaking point where the Lord, you know, says, you know, this is not about you. And-and if we, if we stray off that, then I could, I could see us being doomed. But it�s so cool to, you know, with, again, with God�s faithfulness, to-to convict us and show us those certain situations where we need to give the glory to Him, in every situation like that. And encourage others the same way. It�s just what we�re passionate about and what the Lord has gifted us, gifted us with.

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