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Urban D

I think a lot of people think that Christians, uh, can’t really have fun, that, you know, especially a lot of the hip-hop crowd never even experienced a Christian hip-hop concert. We want them to come and have a great time, throw out free stuff, sometimes get the crowd to come up, chants, stuff with your hands, we just want them to get into with us.

But at the same time every concert at the end, we always bring it to a point where it’s serious and there is a message, and we let them know, hey, we didn’t come here just to entertain you. And we want, we love doing that, we love to have fun, we love the music, but so much more than that, we love the Creator of it all, and He has a plan for your life.

I usually fit a verse about what my family’s been through with my father. He had a massive brain hemorrhage a couple of years ago. And that really, I mean, you could hear a pin drop. And then I just share a little bit and kind of given an invitation for people to, you know, make a closer commitment to God, or make a commitment at first or even do a prayer time if people are struggling.

The end of the concert really helps connect with the people, you know. Because in the beginning they can just, “Oh, yeah, you’re a rapper, you’re this artist, you’re a star.” You know, because especially a lot of youth will, “Oh, wow.” But then at the end when they hear our hearts, they say, “Wow, you know, they’re real.”

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