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Toby Mac - Boomin - Faith, Diversity, Struggling, and Caring
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Toby Mac - Boomin - Faith, Diversity, Struggling, and Caring

Faith Changes You

How you treat a person. Whether you look them in the eye. Whether you love on them. Whether they can perceive that you are a person thatís willing to love and to think about them rather than yourself. Faith in God plays a role in all my life.

God Enables Diversity

My band, the diversity band and I work very closely together. Weíre an interracial group, people from all over the place. Itís sort of like this big testimonial that we can work together. You have all these people coming together from all walks of life and itís just amazing. Thatís some of what the Boomin song is all about, actually I describe each of the people, where we from and how we come together and we can meet together and we can work together and it actually works.

Our Human Struggle

Trying to focus on how much we love God when the world is throwing everything at us to try to attract our attention over the other way. We struggle with our human relationships, we struggle with different divides, whether it be racial or socio-economic. Those are the things I go through so I figure everybodyís going through the same type things. But at the end of the day in human struggle the thing that I center on and the thing that sort of centers my life is my faith in God.

Thinking about Others

Whether itís the Internet or magazines or the television or film, occasionally we have something that stands out that tells us to think about other people but most of what we see tells us to take care of ourselves, think about ourselves, go get yours. There are very few things that tell us look out for other people, take care of the orphans and the widows. I think that I would remind them that life becomes more beautiful when you look out for other people

What's it all about?

I have to write songs about my faith in God and my faith and my hope that I have in Christ because that for me is what it is all about.

Toby Mac

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